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Nowadays it has become a common sight to see people worried of their life’s happenings and search for pleasure in materials, instead of seeking true happiness. And that’s where Buddha’s teachings kick in as this religion apprises to look for real happiness and eternal contentment. The followers practice inner peace, wisdom and they lead on the path of kindness. At the same time, they abstain from harming others and live life maintaining harmony with the others and working with a goal to share pure and lasting happiness with fellow beings.

What Buddhism teaches?

Buddha says that the only enemy we really have is our own self and that the solutions to all our problems lies within ourselves. However, as Buddha didn’t proclaim himself as God, thus he says that all his teachings must not be followed blindly and the followers must test his precepts themselves. This way the religion allows each person to learn and use the teachings in their own way.

India and Buddhism

India is a land where this religion was introduced by Siddhartha Gautama around 2500 years ago. As Gautama was meditating under Bodhi tree in BodhGaya, he attained enlightenment and all the sacred sites such as Rajgir, Nalanda, Kushinagar, Sravasti, Sarnath, etc, are in India itself. As myriad Buddhist pilgrims are situated in India, numerous of followers head to the country every year with a motive to seek spiritual blessings.

MahaParinirvana Express

In an attempt to make the voyage to these sacred sites easy and convenient, in 2007, IRCTC introduced MahaParinirvana Train, which allows the devotees to travel to all these sites in 8-day journey. The well-planned itinerary as well as the great luxury has been incessantly winning the hearts of Buddhist devotees since five-year now. The train crosses through several of Buddhist sites in India, including Gautama Buddha’s birthplace, to where he attained enlightenment, as well as where he preached and finally the site where he accomplished Nirvana. After traversing through the prominent Buddhist pilgrim destinations, there would be a visit to renowned monument Taj Mahal, in the city of Agra.

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With Ambika Tours, venture into the world of spirituality taking on Mahaparinirvana Express Train Tour!

Siddhartha Gautama was born in sixth century B.C. to the ruler of Sakya community, Suddhodana and lived the life of luxury. His birthplace Lumbini (small city) now falls in Nepal. At the young age of sixteen, he was married to a girl named Yasodhara and since his birth he lived a secluded life, entirely unbeknownst to the miseries of outer world. However, one day, at the age of 29, he did happen to go out and came face-to-face towards the veracity of inevitable suffering that life presents everyone with. The very next day he left behind his kingdom, wife and newly born son, to lead an ascetic life with a motto to find a way to end all kind of miseries. For six years he followed rigorous routines, practiced under many sages and learned various ways of meditation; however he finally realized that physical ascetism doesn’t lead to liberation and since then he started endorsing a path of balance rather than extremism, calling it The Middle Way.
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Then one day he sat under Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya and started meditating and just after few days, at the age of thirty-five, he attained Enlightenment, thus earning the title of Buddha. For the remaining years of his life, he preached the Dharma with an intention to assist other sentient beings accomplish enlightenment. The religion further thrived under the reins of Emperor Ashoka and other rulers namely Kanishka and Bimbisara, while Buddha’s adherents went around the world to spread his teachings.

Buddhism – A culture worth knowing

All over the world around 300million people follow this tremendously popular religion, which was originated around 2,500 years ago. In reality, it’s not just a religion, but it allows people to look at this world with eyes filled with compassion and wisdom. Buddhism is all about leading a moral life, while being mindful and aware of the thoughts & actions, developing wisdom and profound understanding.

Train to spirituality

Mahaparinirvan Express is an endeavor of Indian Railway Tours to make the journey to sacred Buddhist destinations in and around India hassle-free for the pilgrims. The expedition begins from Delhi and then covers sites such as Gaya, Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Nalanda, Varanasi, Sarnath, Gorakhpur, Kushinagar, Lumbini, Gonda, Sravasti, Agra, Taj Mahal and then a train back to Delhi, where the trip concludes. This fully AC train is divided into AC first class, AC two tier and AC three tier.

Why Ambika Tours?

Ambika has been serving its customers with the best deals since quite some time and now with a Mahaparinirvan Express Train Tour, consisting of 8 Days/7 Nights, we look forward to serve the participants with immensely comfortable services. Call today to book your package and get more details visiting

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Get profound knowledge of Buddhism, discovering the significant sites in Express Mahaparinirvana!

Today Buddhism culture is widely spread all over the world and it teaches compassion and wisdom to its followers. The religion was introduced by Siddhartha Gautama, who attained Enlightenment and became Lord Buddha. India is the land where Buddha was ‘enlightened’ and the particular site was named Bodh Gaya, which falls in the state of Bihar.